Mitchell Rd. Widening
Long Beach, Mississippi

In response to the growing need for improved safety and enhanced traffic movements, Overstreet and Associates embarked on a comprehensive design initiative for the widening of a 2-foot trench on Mitchell Rd. This project aimed to address the existing challenges posed by the narrow trench and create a more secure environment for both motorists and pedestrians. The primary goal was to optimize traffic flow, mitigate potential hazards, and contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

The trench widening was executed by the in-house personnel of Long Beach Public Works. Utilizing materials generously provided by Harrison County, the team successfully expanded the trench to the specified width. The construction process involved a strategic approach, incorporating milling, base asphalt application, and overlay asphalt placement. Notably, the project benefited from the utilization of Long Beach’s existing “term bid” for asphalt work, streamlining the procurement process and ensuring cost-effectiveness. This product demonstrated the collaborative efforts between Long Beach Public Works and Harrison County in achieving a safer and more efficient transportation infrastructure on Mitchell Rd.