Long Beach Small Craft Harbor Hurricane Nate Permanent Repairs (Piers)

At Overstreet and Associates we spearheaded a transformative project that showcased our expertise in marine infrastructure revitalization. The scope encompassed a series of tasks, beginning with location surveys to inform the subsequent stages. The project’s initial phases involved the preparation of detailed drawings and bid documents, followed by the acquisition of necessary permits to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. We provided professional oversight throughout the construction process, ensuring the seamless execution of the project.

The project’s intricate scope included a range of tasks aimed at restoring both the interior and exterior piers, including finger piers. We implemented a strategic plan that involved the replacement of damaged piles, substructure, decking, and essential electrical and water system components. This comprehensive approach not only addressed immediate concerns but also laid the foundation for the long-term resilience of the piers. This project highlights our ability to navigate multifaceted challenges in marine construction, showcasing proficiency in delivering successful outcomes through project management and technical expertise.