Front Beach Sidewalk Repair
Ocean Springs, Mississippi

In the pursuit of urban infrastructure improvement, our design services played a pivotal role in a comprehensive project focused on Front Beach. The scope encompassed the entire project lifecycle, from the creation of bid documents to coordination with the City authorities. Our team conducted a detailed topographical survey to inform the design process and addressing potential challenges. Throughout the construction phase, our professionals provided construction administration and inspection services, ensuring the project’s successful execution. This projects demonstrated  our multifaceted involvement in the Front Beach sidewalk replacement initiative, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality design services across various project facets.

The core objective of this undertaking was the replacement of 240 feet of sidewalk on Front Beach, with an emphasis on a new design that not only enhances aesthetics but also addresses the critical issue of scour prevention. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding the infrastructure from erosion, the new design was conceptualized to prevent scouring from occurring under the sidewalk. Additionally, the project incorporated a broader scope of restoration efforts, showcasing a holistic approach to urban revitalization.